Complete Your Payment For PandaMiner B3 Plus Pre-sale!

31st Mar, 2017

Dear miners,

If you’ve following the prices of cryptocurrencies, you’ll easily find that the alter coin mining profit with PandaMiner has almost doubled that of bitcoins. The golden age for professional GPU mining has begun! PandaMiner leads a new era for integrated-GPU mining and make is so easy for everyone to join in the league and mine alter coins.

Good news! For those who have made the advance payment for the first batch of PandaMiner B3 Plus pre-order, your orders will be shipped within about A WEEK!

With PandaMiner shipping soon, we will update the status of all pre-orders for you to complete FULL PAYMENT this week. Please complete your due payment in time so we can arrange shipment as soon as possible as shipment order is based on the time you complete orders.

Please note that this is just for the first batch of pre-sale customers, who made their orders before 17th March. The second batch of pre-sale customers will need to wait a little longer. We will inform you one week in advance when shipment is ready.

Thanks so much for your support and kind understanding.


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