Batch 5 Pre-sale and Payment Due for Batch 3

10th May, 2017

Dear miners,

If you see the surging prices of altcoins, you should realize we are in a golden time of altcoins mining and everybody are trying to elbow into the industry and grab a slice of the big cake. PandaMiner provides a best chance for all of you, – the 5th batch of pre-sale is coming at 11:00 am 17th May 2017 (UTC+8). 1000 units are in supply for this batch, and the delivery is expected at the end of June.

Moreover, for the third batch of pre-sale customers, who made orders from 17th to 27th April, please complete your due payment in time so we can arrange shipment from 20th to 25th this month. And shipment order is based on the time you complete orders.

Thanks for your long time support. Our mission is –  make mining simple.

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