Statement on Copycat PandaMiner Websites

26th Jun, 2017

Dear miners,

PandaMiner has seen the best era of cryptocurrency mining and has become a world top GPU miner manufacturer since its foundation in 2016. We’ve won the support and trust from global users with our quality products and services. Recently we’ve noticed some copycat websites who use our brand “PandaMiner” and lure users to buy our products on their site. We want to make a clear statement that PandaMiner has only one official website: and anyone that claimed to be our distributors is pure scam.

Please pay attention to the false information, especially to this site: which has nothing to do with our company. They are neither our distributor nor representative. But they are actively marketing our products in communities and gathering “pre-orders” for PandaMiner. Anyone who saw their ads should be aware that you may end up with nothing at all if you order from them.

We do have some official distributors which are listed only on our official website (currently being updated). If you have even a hint of doubt, please feel free to contact our office or customer service for consultation!

On the other hand, the success of PandaMiner has also generated a few “followers” who copy our products with no quality guaranteed. Some even just disappear after pre-order without delivering any products. We’d like to warn you again before you make investment in any devices.

We will reserve our rights to resort to legal actions for anyone who tries to do harm to our brand. And we hope all your interests are well protected.

Get first-hand information from:

Facebook: PandaMiner (

Twitter: @pandaminer_



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