PandaMiner Warranty & Repair

Ⅰ Daily post-sales consulting

  1. Online Consulting:

PandaMiner official website→Chat Now→Human services→Tech-Support

PandaMiner wechat official account→Service→Human services→Tech-Suppor

  1. Submit tickets:

PandaMiner official website→Submit ticket→Services→Tech Support

PandaMiner wechat official account→Service→Panda→Services→Tech Support



Ⅱ To send back the Miner&Spare Parts

  1. Regarding the faulty machine, please submit a ticket or send an email before confirming with our side, otherwise, the parcel will be rejected without negotiation. Please provide us the tracking No. and shipper details after sending out the goods.


  1. Technical Department Card:

♦Consignee:Mr HuangHai, Halley Cloud

♦Contact No.:+86 13135689200

♦Address:Halley Cloud, 2th Floor,Building 2,Jiuzhou  Industrial Area, Guangming District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China     

PostCode: 518000



1)Once the ticket or email is submitted, the parcel will be signed normally. Technician will inspect the machine & spare parts. If there is any damaged caused by logistics, we won’t be responsible for it.

2)Repair Form : Please print the repair form and fill in the customer information carefully, then put it in the carton and mark the customer's name in the outer box.

 Repair form download address

 Micro cloud link:

 Baidu link:   Password:jpve



  • The machine under warranty:

①If the miner is sent out with our approval, we’ll bear the one-way freight from our side.

②If it is sent without the approval of our side, then the customer will pay for the freight of both sides.


  • The machine beyond warranty:

①Customer should bear the freight of both sides, and for those miner sent out without our approval, we’ll over charge RMB100 for dust cleaning.


Ⅲ Repairs and quotation

  1. A 180-days warranty period is provided.
  2. To save time, if the repair fee is 10% less then the value of the machine or repair parts, we’ll fix it without notice.
  3. Free repair period: Within the warranty period.We will repair the original machine and spare parts, and our technician decides if it needs to replace a new spare part or not.
  4. Once receiving the machine and spare parts, we’ll quote according to its actual situation.


Ⅳ The following conditions will as defined as disable warranty and wont be repaired.

  1. Man-made factors:

Improper use or operational errors.

The machine was dismantled, and the components were changed and replaced.
     Damages caused by using the item that did not produced by us.

Hash board or chip are damaged.   

Damages caused by high voltage and electricity leakage.  

Damages caused by high temperature or low temperature. (Recommended operation temperature: under 40℃ and above 0℃)

   The SN number is missing or ambiguous

  1. Natural factors:

Natural disasters, including damages caused by lightning strikes, floods, storms, fires and earthquakes, such as water flooding, dampness of circuit boards and components, corrosion, etc.
     Natural Depreciation
3. Other factors:
    Fake products or man-made damages, etc.

4.If the machine was repaired by others.


  • Repair time&sending out
  1. Usually, the products will be sent out in 7 working days. The actual date needs to be determined by our side.
  2. It will be sent out via DHL.


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