How to mine by PandaMiner

I Connection

   First of all, to connect the displayer, keyboard& mouse and net wire, sequentially plugged into HDMI, USB, NET. Then to connect 6pin port, total should be plugged 7pcs, and 3pcs left as standby.

HDMI Port: Displayer Connector

USB Port: Mouse Connector & Info Transmission

NET Port: Net Connector

PIN Port: Power Supply Connector


Ⅱ. Set Up

1) Boot: Turn on the switch of power supply.

2) Waiting for 1 min, the displayer will turn on automatically; The interface will show Teamviewer12, but you don’t need to do anything if there is no need to startup program of Teamviewer12.


3) The machine will start pandaminer_tool automatically, and there is a button of “login” in the top right side of the window, both user name and password are “root”.


4)There will be a list of “set up”buttons for altcoins, and ere takes mining “ETH”in Panda ETH Pool as an example.

Click “ETH”on left side and input wallet address and mining pool address as below image (make sure to input correct address), then click “confirm”, thereupon comes a tip “set up successfully”, and click “confirm”to finish the set up.


5)Click the “home page”red“stop”button. Then click a blue“start”button on the right side of ETH; thereupon comes a tip “set up successfully”, and click “confirm”to start mining. The updated mining details(GPU status and temp, etc) will show up in 1 min.


6)User can also check the mining status(input mining address) from Panda ETH mining pool:


Ⅲ. Mining Notices

  • The machine keeps mining even the minning web has been closed. Please restart mining software by clicking“pandaminer_tool”folder on desktop, then click“pandaminer_tool.exe”in it. Then it will show the mining management page.
  • Please don’t choose “autoupdate”while setting up.
  • If user choose other mining software, please stop default mining software, and take out “PowerBoot”in case it conducts pandaminer_tool automatically.
  • User can conduct the machine by remote control as Teamviewer12 software has been installed. User needs to download a Teamviewer12 in another computer and connect them, default password is “halley”.


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