3 Steps to Start PandaMiner Hosting Mining, New Miners Must Know

Dear users,

Thanks for making orders of the “30-Day ETH Hosting Mining Experience Pack” and becoming one member of PandaMiner Mining Team. PandaMiner will take you on a 30-day trip to mine ETH.

You have finished the first two steps of “ Buy the Experience Pack -- Fill Hosting Information”. And in the post, we will lead you to know how to wait for miners deployment, check the daily operation of your miner and receive the mining returns.


First Step: Wait for Miner Deployment

1. Wait for Miner Deployment

The miner will be deployed within three days after the order is placed. When the miner is deployed, you will receive an email notification of the deployment completion. After that, you can check the status and returns of miners through the link of the mining pool. (https://eth.pandaminer.com/)

2. Miner Maintenance

If miner got abnormal issue like: shutdown, hashrates too low, please submit the repair order on the official site. Our customer service team will solve the problems for you ASAP.



Second Step: Check Miner Operation

1. Click PandaMiner Pool: https://eth.pandaminer.com/.

2. Enter the wallet address to view the real-time operation and returns of the miner.


Third Step: Receive Mining Returns

1. After mining 0.1 ETH, the mining pool will send the returns to your wallet. You can check your returns at the wallet address provided by yourself.

2. After the experience period ends, other returns (lower than 0.1ETH) will be sent to your wallet in the second day.


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